2nd Annual Great Panama Fishing Challenge

Afiche 2014-2

The second annual “Great Panama Fishing Challenge” will be held on June 6th and 7th this year. This is the best way to become a pro-active member of the fishing community here in Panama and support the effort to contribute to this fishery. …The Panama Marine Resource Foundation is comprised of concerned fishing lodge owners, sporting goods retailers, marinas and just a lot of sport fishing enthusiasts. This year we are joined in the sponsorship of this tagging program and limited take project by A.F.T.C.O and The King Sail Fish Release mounts Companies. Both of these forward thinking organizations have always been at the forefront of sport fishing conservation internationally. The derby will use our member lodges as weigh stations for this two day event. The weight stations include…Hooked on Panama, Panama Big Game Fishing Lodge, Paradise Fishing Lodge and Propiedad de Paradise Lodge. The derby is designed to give information on the migration and growth patterns of the Yellowfin Tuna and Pacific Blue and Black Marlin. For further information please contact John Maynard at maynardjw@yahoo.com.

Our Newest Member King Sailfish Mounts!

Three spectacular mounts from the newest Panama Marine Resource Foundation member King Sailfish Mounts have arrived here in Panama! A Yellowfin Tuna, Roosterfish, and Dorado are perfectly packaged in this large crate sent down last week. We are honored to have these guys on board and part of the PMRF! Thanks guys!!

Check out their website at http://www.kingsailfishmounts.com/ or contact us here for special pricing incentives for ordering through the PMRF.


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A Letter from the President…

The Panama Marine Resource Foundation was started by a small group of international environmentally concerned sport fishing enthusiasts, commercial fishing interests, marine conservationists, and concerned citizens living here in Panama and abroad. Our first meeting in David Panama in 2012 was attended by the governmental agencies, A.R.A.P. and A.N.A.M. who are responsible for the marine resources here in Panama. The governmental agencies  were joined by the top six sport fishing lodges here in the state of Chiquiri, Marina operators, sporting goods dealers, hotels and and concerned citizens. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the problems here in Panama within the marine community. Loss of critical habitat, over fishing and illegal fishing within the country were discussed in detail. A president, and officers were elected within the foundation, of which I was honored to become it’s first president. first elected. I have been a life long waterman, boat captain and surfing enthusiast . We now have established a licensed non profit foundation within the United States and working on getting the same status here in Panama. The foundation is growing daily and picking up new members within Panama and internationally. Corporations such as Suzuki Motors, Shimano America, Oakley, Rapala and many more have become supporters of what we are trying to achieve.  Panama is a country with many fishing rules and regulations but little if any enforcement. Infringement within the waters of Panama  occur daily as there is no organized marine patrol to enforce the existing and new proposed regulations. Panama was originally know as “the land of abundant fish” in the old native languages. This over the years has changed and we need help now. There are no license requirements, no size or daily catch regulations , no seasons and no protected species here!  You can see that this is a blueprint for disaster. Man’s greed will always put mother nature on the short end of the stick. There is a one hundred million dollar sport-fishing industry here in Panama that  can not withstand the current pressure being applied to the marine  environment, to keep panama ‘s waters and fishery in a sustainable manner we need your help and involvement. The lodge and sport fishing industry has supported the P.M.R.F. from the beginning and understands what we are trying to accomplish with our work. When selecting a lodge in the future be sure and ask if they are a member.
We are an all volunteer foundation dedicated to making things here in Panama and all of the Americas a better place in the future. People just sometimes sit back and hope someone else will take the challenge we are facing but you can be that person who can really help change the world. Take a few minutes and follow this site as we make progress.

Thank you in advance for your caring,

John W. Maynard

President, P.M.R.F.

Email: maynardjw@hotmail.com


PMRF’s First Meeting – August 6, 2012

PMRF Meeting 1 4 3 2
The first meeting of the Panama Marine Resource Foundation was held Monday, August 6, 2012 at The Grand National Hotel in David, Panama. Attending were most of the sport fishing Lodges, dive operations, sporting goods dealers and marina owners in our area of Panama.  As an avid sport fisherman myself, I am attempting to get all the different resource users, lodges, dive operations and commercial interests to come together. Panama’s Marines Resource Foundations goals were discussed in detail at this meeting, our mission statement was formed: “To bring together in a pro-active way, marine related business. Our goal is to increase and improve awareness and sustainability of our marine resources within Panama and globally”.In preparing the agenda for our meeting we understood all factions of the marine community must be involved. The government of Panama has some of the worlds best written marine fishery laws. To learn more about these marine laws we invited representatives from both A.R.A.P. Mr. Elmer Romero, (Autoridad deRecursos Acuáticos de Panamá) and the representative from A.N.A.M. (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente) Mr. Carlos Saldaña. Both were very helpful and shared with us pertinent information that will help our organization greatly.
A gentleman’s agreement was suggested and is being drafted at this time to be signed by all participating sport fishing lodges and dive operations within our state of Chiriqui. This agreement will unify all the lodges in the following areas.
and establish the following policies:
1- Adhere to a strict policy of hook and release of all Marlin, Sail fish, Rooster fish, Grouper and Cubera snapper (Pargo)
2- Create a per angler, daily possession limit for “food fish” Dorado, Tuna, mullet snapper, Wahoo and triple tail.
3- Create a minimum size limit for some species.
4- The Panama Marine Resource Foundation will provide the officials at both A.R.A.P. and A.N.A.M. a detailed plan of action to establish sport fishing’s role and intensions for the future. This plan along with a similar plan from the commercial interests will be submitted to the government for their efforts to maintain a sustainable fishery in the future.
5- We pledge to work with Governmental agencies in enforcing existing laws and report violations of these laws.
6- We will continue working together and investigating new ways to improve this great fishery.
7 – We will protect and provide a sustainable marine environment.
We are currently in process and having an attorney draft the paperwork for our new Foundation. All of this of course costs money so now is the time to “stand and deliver” if we are to be counted. Remember a membership in the foundation cost less than one good quality fishing rod and reel or diveoutfit. To get the foundation up and running we need at least $10,000.00. Legal fees, travel expenses, secretarial costs, phone and web page set up will all be covered in this initial injection of capitol. This amount should cover the costs for the time needed to make it become self sustaining.